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Dec 18, 2014 - Here is the complete description of VLC's command line and how to use it. For example to play my_file.mpg using ffmpeg auido/video decoder do: % vlc -vvv Examples for advanced use of VLC's stream output (transcoding, multiple streaming This command sends the program of the input stream which id is 12345 to Advanced streaming using the command line Stream output is the name of the feature of VLC that allows to output any stream read by VLC to a file Some of the module options (option1 in the example) have to be set, others are optional. For example, the HTTP input module will add options for caching, Nov 10, 2014 - To use the VLC's commandline you need to have access to the commandline Example commandline: Converting an audio file to a MP3 file. Oct 19, 2014 - 3.2.1 Command line examples; 3.2.2 Another Example Many people who want to use VLC media player on Mac OS X will be intending to May 31, 2012 - Every function, tip, and trick can be used via the command line, with the vlc -l. I will therefore give a few examples of how to use some of these Learn this simple tip to get started learning the VLC command line for anything you want VLC to do - from The VLC media player (www.videolan.org) allows easy encoding of video files to Use the following command to encode your source video, (in the exampleJump to Using VLC as a reflector - Taking a udp input and resending it once raw via ipv6 multicast, and once in HLS % cvlc -vvv udp://@:4013 --ttl 60 The following commands start VLC and add the first element to the playlist.
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